East 10th Street Civic Association

Beautification Projects

The Civic Association has facilitated a number of beautification initiatives along the 10 East Biz District, including large murals, clean-up efforts, tree plantings, and new signage at Moon Block Park.

payne connect10n

The East 10th Street Civic Association is leading a consortium of partners in the transformation of the I-65/I-70 underpass that connects the 10 East Biz District district with the Mass Ave Retail District, the Cultural and Monon Trails, and the future Pogues Run Trail Connector. Called the payne connect10n, it is named in honor of Brian and Gail Payne's vision and development of connectivity throughout Indianapolis. The planned re-design will transform this leftover space into a passage of discovery and visual pleasure for the thousands of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists that pass through this portal daily.

Phase I of the project included:

  • Repainting of I-65/I-70 and CSX overpasses
  • Painting of concrete embankments and bridge supports in conjunction with the Arts Council of Indianapolis and 2011 Lilly Day of Service
  • Comprehensive median treatment that includes replacing the current concrete median with an undulating serpentine steel wall, adding sustainable and urban-friendly greenscape, re-paving of median areas under the bridges, and the installation of creative lighting elements
  • Installation of public art and implementation of gateway/neighborhood-identity signage

Phase II of the project will include:

  • Wayfinding, interpretive, and identity signage
  • Globular lanterns
  • Installation of a new sculpture in the median across from the Monon Trail

The Civic Association has partnered with Storrow Kinsella Associates, Inc; INDOT; City of Indianapolis, Department of Public Works; Keep Indianapolis Beautiful; Lilly Day of Service; Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF); the Indianapolis Arts Council; Lumina Foundation; and the Stanley K. Lacey Executive Leadership Series/Indiana Recycling Coalition on this development.

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Tree Plantings

The Civic Association maintains a partnership with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and their Neighborwoods Program to plant trees along the 10 East Biz District and connecting residential streets. To date, more than 80 trees have been planted.

Community Announcement Board

 An announcement board has been installed at Moon Block Park, a small pocket park located on the southeast corner of East 10th and Rural Streets. The announcment board is intended to orient business district visitors and announce community, business and neighborhood events, while adding new artistic beauty to the neighborhood.  Any business, neighborhood or community group wishing to use the announcement board should contact the Civic Association.

Request a posting on the announcement board.

Mural Program

In 2007, six new murals by artists from the near Eastside and the larger Indianapolis arts community were installed along the 10 East Biz District. They include:

  • Jackson Control Mural. 1708 E 10th Street. Morris Kurz (artist)
  • Village Pantry Mural. 1001 N Rural Street. Brian Duff (artist)
  • Partners In Housing Mural, 2811 E 10th Street. Matthew Eickoff (artist)
  • Dearborn Building Mural. 3201-3211 E 10th Street. Brian Myers (artist)
  • Victory Village Shoppe Mural. 3229 E 10th Street.
  • Audrey’s Place Mural, 3228 E 10th Street.